3.5 years is a long time, but it marks how long I have been on my own journey towards a healthier, happier, and fitter life. I began with BBG, moved onto My Best Body, began running, attend spin and yoga... Continue Reading →

Starting a Fitness Journey

Unsure of how to begin a fitness or an improved nutrition journey? Read on for easy ways to start!

My Best Body – Home

Immediately following my 13 week My Best Body (gym) experience, I dove immediately into the My Best Body - Home program, another 13 week program created by Abbie. I don't have the dedication to work out at home, I NEED a... Continue Reading →

Breaking Up With Kayla

*Disclaimer: this post is my PERSONAL opinion and thoughts based on MY experience, both from a personal level and a business perspective. You do not have to agree. This isn't the first time I have written about BBG: See my... Continue Reading →

Sweat Tour 2016//Meeting Kayla Itsines

I still struggle to find the words to explain┬ámy experience at the Sweat Tour LA and for the entire weekend in general. As soon as I landed at LAX and found MaryLynn in the airport, I knew I had found... Continue Reading →

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