Hi! I’m Kyley, a 33 year old CMA/CPA and Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Coach, living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am an accredited professional with the Canadian Health Coach Alliance, as a Registered Health & Nutrition Coach (RHNC), and a Registered Health Coach (RHC).

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2015, and in 2020 I had a full hysterectomy where I was additionally diagnosed with adenomyosis, tubal and uterine fibroids, and stage 2 endometriosis.

I began my fitness journey in August 2015 after I became sick and tired of my clothes not fitting, feeling out of shape, and overall unhappy. I realized then that the only way to change things was to DO something about it. I created my “fit-stagram” @accountantscanbefit at the same time to hold myself accountable. I never expected for so many people to begin following me, or that I would actually keep up with all my workouts! Thanks to the power of social media, I have made so many new friends and am able to feel inspired and empowered on a regular basis, even though many of these amazing women I have never even met in real life.

I have tried a lot of fitness programs and classes: BBG, My Best Body, spin, yoga, barre, rowing, CrossFit, group exercise classes, weight training, running (I ran a half marathon this year), and my current obsession is F45. As I progressed in my fitness journey over the last few years, there was still one piece of the puzzle that always gave me trouble: nutrition.

I have vesicular endometriosis, and with this comes chronic inflammation. I decided to get my diploma in Holistic Health & Nutrition coaching originally to learn more about how to eat for my body and it’s conditions, but it has turned into a newfound love for all things nutrition and overall health.

I want to take this knowledge and passion to help YOU find YOUR best ingredients for life. Whether you just want to have a one-time consultation, a continuous program, or customized meal plans, you are in the right place! I cannot wait to work with you.

I’m always available to answer any questions – you can send me a note through the Contact tab, or send me an email kyley@theingredientsforlife.com