I began drinking Pruvit ketones in August last year. I talk about them regularly on my Instagram account, and in Facebook groups, but I realized I tell people why they’re amazing, but not about why they are amazing for ME.

It wasn’t for fat loss, it wasn’t for energy, and it wasn’t for better sleep – these are all things I did/do need, but it wasn’t the key reason.

This. Article. This is why I started. How the Keto Diet is Different for Women.

If you don’t know – I have stage 2 vesicular endometriosis. I posted a blog yesterday explaining the last 20 years of what living in my body has been like, but the short story is I am in constant pain, always inflamed, and experience severe (uncomfortable) bloating.

There is truly only so many NSAIDs a girl can take before it affects the liver, kidney, and increases the chance of an ulcer.

I read that article, and had seen someone on social media talking about this magical energy powder called ketones, so I dug some more. I read the science. I read the ingredients. I read the reviews. I learned how it helps the brain, can prevent cancer, reduce seizures, and more. I could list off so many things it would make your mind spin – mine did! I learned more about how it could decrease my inflammation, give my stomach a break from it’s constant need to expand, and give me enough energy to get through the work day.

These colorful packets of flavored power did that. I truly do not know where I would be right now without them. Do I still have pain, inflammation, and bloating? Yep, comes with the disease. However, without the help of ketones, I don’t want to think about what physical and mental state I would be in right now.

In January I cut grains and sugar, both foods that make me feel awful anyways, and drank 2 ketones per day. My bloat was completely gone by the end of the month, and I had never felt better than I did at the beginning of February. I’ve fallen a bit off track, but I NEVER forget to drink my ketones.

So, if you want to try these out yourself, to see what all my fuss is about and to experience the benefits first hand – you can grab a trial in my SHOP or head directly to the website itself to check out all of the products available.

This video also explains how they work, really quickly. I am also always available to answer any questions. I have a Facebook group where I link articles about what ketones help with, recipes, and sales. You are more than welcome to join!

I don’t like sharing my story very much, because I never want to appear ungrateful or whiny – but if I can help one person feel better, like I do, I want to make sure I share.