I still struggle to find the words to explain my experience at the Sweat Tour LA and for the entire weekend in general.

As soon as I landed at LAX and found MaryLynn in the airport, I knew I had found a best friend for life. There’s just something about meeting someone so willing to go out of their way to help you out that makes you know you’ve found someone great. After Meghan landed, we headed to the house to wait for Allie to get there. We stayed up until 4am with people we had never met, sharing our life stories. If that doesn’t instantly bond you, I don’t know what does.

We had drinks on a rooftop patio in downtown LA Friday, headed to a juice bar in Venice to meet other BBG girls, followed by hours laying in the sun and jumping around in the ocean on Saturday.

Then Sunday…the day we had all been so anxiously waiting for, and the entire reason that 6 girls from 4 different cities came together.

At times it feels like it wasn’t real – if I didn’t have photographic proof  I don’t think I would believe it myself. I wouldn’t consider myself to be someone who gets starstruck, or flustered around people, but when it comes to meeting someone who has changed your life in more ways than you could even imagine, you become a blubbering fool.

Just standing in the line outside the Rose Bowl had girls mingling, hugging, at times shrieking with delight. It was hot, and it was a long wait (and we didn’t go until 2 hours ahead of time!) but it was so amazing to be a part of the energy and excitement! Then, as we slowly were allowed to enter through the gates, and walk through the tunnel onto the field, I could feel the shivers down my back. Even though I don’t watch, or care for, football, there’s something so surreal about walking into a stadium, and onto a field, and especially one filled with traditions like the Rose Bowl is. The BF is forever jealous.

We lay our mats down, got pumped up with the images on the screens above us, watching everyone else filter in, and waited anxiously.

Tobi Pierce (Kayla’s fiance and business partner) came o the stage with a speech to pump us up and remember how special each and every one of us are, and introduced Kayla to us. The crowd went wild as she came onto the stage, and as humble as she is, she could barely get the words out to begin speaking to us. This says a lot – someone with millions of followers and fans still gets nervous and choked up. She is only 24 years old and may run a fitness empire, but she is real. I gained even more respect for her watching her on that stage, speaking to us from her heart.

She then proceeded to put us all in our places with the workout. It was challenging, incorporated some new movements, and long (ok, not really, it just felt long).3,000 of us went through every movement, together. 3,000 of us were there because this woman brought us all together.

Once the workout ended, Kayla and her team threw out swag to the crowd, where I amazingly caught a water bottle, and then we all proceeded to get in a very long line for our chance to meet her.

I couldn’t even tell you what I said to Kayla, what she said to me, all I know is that after a grueling 45 minute workout in the 38 degree heat, plus an hour and a half long wait among 3,000 other sweaty girls, led me to a hug and a picture with the caring and sweet Kayla Itsines.

I left LA the Monday morning  feeling energized, rejuvenated, and inspired. I bonded with the girls I spent the weekend with, those of whom I had never met before and the two that I have known for six months. These are friends I will always hold such amazing memories with, and we are so much closer because of it.

This was a weekend I will never forget, and can’t wait to do it again next year!



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