Let’s get this straight. I believe in carbs. I believe in sugar. I believe in cheat meals, and having that second (or third) glass of wine. The key is moderation.

I used to be ‘skinny-fat’. A completely unhealthy 100 lbs, lethargic, and ate poorly, if I bothered to eat at all. As I turned 25 and over the past four years, my metabolism slowed and eating what I wanted, whenever I wanted began to catch up with me. Being a woman, and reaching those wonderful “child-bearing” years, I developed some serious hips, and gone were the days of the 00 sizes I once was. In the past 4 years I have had to donate my entire closet and replace it with sizes that used to make me cry in the change room.

I no longer look at the sizes. I look at how the clothes fit and how they make me feel while I am wearing them. I am not fat, I am not skinny. Labels like this only cause anxiety, comparisons, and eating disorders. Being a girl, there are a lot of pressures. From the perfect models and actresses, from men, and worst of all, from all the other girls you see on a daily basis. I have my good days, and my bad, like we all do. I refuse to starve myself, or give up foods for that number on the scale.

My goal is to be fit, toned, and most importantly, healthy, as your average accountant.

I used to fall off the wagon a lot. I would get really committed to working out and do really well, and then I hit a wall. In April 2015 I went HARD at the gym. I began Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide and committed to the resistance workouts she provided for the 3 days a week. I made sure I went to Crossfit and for the entire month only took 3 full rest days – don’t worry, some days were just walking) but made sure to be physically active every day. I ate clean, and the results were shocking. Then it stopped. The last month of the CMA designation halted everything else in my life. Meetings after work every day, constant report editing/presentation practicing with my group left zero time for exercise. At the time I was okay with it, what was a couple weeks when this designation was so important!? I can jump right back in, no big deal. I worked out TWO times in May. ONCE in July. THREE times in June. Pathetic. As you can imagine, all that amazing progress is gone, with extra fat added on top of where I originally started back in April. I hit a wall. I felt like there was no point in trying anymore. I was already feeling like a pile of lard, nothing was going to change, and eating healthy wouldn’t matter. Enter the ice cream, the chips, the ciders and overall bad attitude.

In August of  2015 I decided that I had reached my breaking point. The only way to change things is to DO something. So I went to the gym and started Kayla’s BBG 1.0 all over again. Week 1 Legs & Cardio. I was dying, but it felt so good. I just had to push myself, remind myself that it’s just 7 minutes; I can do this 4 times over!

10 months later, I have completed two rounds of BBG 1.0, and am 2 weeks away from completing BBG 2.0. I stepped out of my comfort zone and fear of talking to strangers and organized YYC BBG – the Calgary BBG community in December of 2015. Since then, the community has grown to over 100 women in Calgary and the surrounding area, and I run the meet ups on a monthly basis and have been fortunate enough to have had businesses provide amazing door prize donations for every date. Through this community, I have met amazing, inspriting, and incredible women. I am lucky enough to call some of them my closest friends.

My fitness journey has become more than just BBG – I now participate in any and every class available! Spin, yoga, barre, group fitness, and the occasional crossfit workout. I’ve even tried a surf class!

Fitness is what you make it – it doesn’t have to be boring or something you dread every day. My fitness and health is now a lifestyle – if I miss a day that i haven’t scheduled as a rest day, I feel like something is missing.

Never doubt yourself. If you believe you can, you will. I did.